主要产品型号:T31 T50 FD-N10 FD-A10 FD-N50,N55 FD-A50,A55 R10 GC02 GC05 G20 G52 G32 GF20 GF52 R31 GF32 GF R35 T10 T20 T31

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The Falk brand of industrial mechanical power transmission solutions has been providing you with high-quality, reliable and rugged gear products for more than 100 years. A full product line, along with technical support and local service, bring you maximum performance at the lowest total cost. With that experience comes the industry’s best products, including: ? Gear drives ? Engineered gear drives ? Shaft fluid couplings ? Enclosed gear drives ? Open gearing ? Custom industrial drives Falk products have been installed in the world's most challenging applications, serving the mining, cement, paper, automotive, construction and marine industries. We have seen and solved virtually every problem a coupling application can present, which means you receive the benefits of that experience: ? Quality ? Reliability ? Easy maintenance The History of Falk The brand has a long history, beginning when Herman Falk, who had an interest in mechanics, decided to start his own business and began producing wagon axles. Falk began working with electric street railways in 1888 and developed a portable cast welding machine on wheels that would earn his share of work in the rail industry. His invention helped him incorporate the Falk Manufacturing Company on May 23, 1895. Falk broadened his work by opening gear shops. The brand eventually expanded worldwide and became part of the Rexnord family in 2005.



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