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pax diagnostics变送器检测仪

IDAX-206FR – Insulation Diagnostic Analyzer Transformer Insulation Diagnostics IDAX-206FR, (successor of IDA 200 and IDAX-206) provides accurate and reliable power transformer condition assessment. The IDAX system maximizes the outcome of maintenance activities allowing for load and service life optimization. The new FR version offers faster measurements and the possibility to use the built-in computer or control the IDAX with an external PC. IDAX-206FR utilizes dielectric spectroscopy, a method that has been used for decades in laboratories. This well proven technology is now available for field use. IDAX measures capacitances and losses in the insulation between windings at multiple test points in a frequency sweep, making it possible to assess the moisture in the solid insulation as well as differentiate between other potential problems. With an aging power transformer population, today’s Electrical Utility industry faces a tough challenge as transformer failures and consequent repair and revenue loss costs millions of dollars. Transformers have become one of the most mission critical components in the electrical grid. The need for reliable monitoring and diagnostic methods drives the world’s leading experts to evaluate new technologies that improve reliability and optimize the use of every grid component. IDAX is a revolutionary insulation diagnostic instrument based on dielectric spectroscopy. This analysis technique has been used in laboratories for decades but IDAX is the first instrument designed for field use. The IDAX instrument and measurement principle has been used and verified around the world over the last ten years. For more information on the IDAX system, please download the IDAX brochure in pdf-format. If you want more information about the application; download the brochure or go to the Application page. News & Events New improved version IDAX-206FR

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