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Being the largest and most experienced manufacturer of frictional connections, STUWE secures the transmission of highest torques in propulsion-systems all over the world. Highest quality in a large variety of types. Renowned companies worldwide appreciate the benefits of STUEWE’s products. STUWE's customers know:

STUWE offers the full range of frictional connectors. The success of this connection technology bases on several crucial advantages: + Reliable transmission of torque greater than 11.000.000 Nm + Suitable for shaft diameters from 8 mm to more than 1000 mm + Quick and safe mounting + Insensitive with shock loads, impacts or corrosive environment + No fretting corrosion + No special surface finish necessary for hub and shaft + Compact design + Hydraulical or mechanical tightening possible

Shrink disc HSD

Series 20 for transmission of small torques
Series 21 for transmission of medium torques
Series 22 Standard for transmission of high torques
Series 23 for transmission of very high torques
Series 81 as series 22, but with 20-30% higher torques capacity
Series 83 as series 23, but with 20-30% higher torques capacity

Shrink Disc HYD

Series 22 for transmission of high torques

Shrink Disc SDG

SDG shrink discs are two-piece Shrink Discs used to fix disc shaped components. High performance capabilities as well as quick and simple assembly are the main features. Shrink Disc Type SDG are available in the following forms: Series 71/72 for transmission of high torques Series 91 for transmission of very high torques

Outer Frictional Connections
Inner Frictional Connections
Shaft couplings WK
Flange Couplings FKH
Cardan shaft couplings GF


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