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Locking Assemblies
These are the original and premium internal locking devices, fitting inside a component or hub. These units are most commonly used on applications in general engineering to transmit high torques and axial loads. Common types include 7012, 7013.0, 7013.1, 7014 and 7015. Most are available in metric series for shafts from 20 mm to 1000 mm dia. and inch sizes for shafts from 3/4” to 7.875” dia.

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Locking Elements
Derived initially from the friction spring technology these tapered rings, type 8006, pair together to form a mechanical wedge between the shaft and component being mounted. Extremely flexible in design, they can be adapted to most applications in general engineering to transmit light to medium torques and axial loads. Available in shaft sizes from 6 mm to 1000 mm.

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Shrink Discs?
These external clamping devices fit on the hub projection of the component and elastically compress the hub onto the shaft to transmit torque. Designed to be utilized as a single or in a split configuration, these devices transmit high torque. Common types include light duty, medium duty and heavy duty devices like 4051, the new 4061, 4071, 4091 and two piece units such as 4151, 4161, 4171 and 4191 from sizes 13mm to 1000mm bore.

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